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Overwhelmed by SEO? I gotchuuuu.

This guide, which is long but NOT overwhelming, will walk you through every single step of the basics of setting up SEO on your website. 

You'll finally understand SEO. For real. Just follow my lead and you'll be a ranking rockstar in no time.

The Simple SEO
Starter Kit

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8 easy-to-understand modules that build on each other over 53 info-packed pages

In-depth explanations of every step of the way, so you actually understand what you're doing and why

Actionable checklists at the end of each module to make sure you've completed everything

SEO glossary at the end so you don't have to head to Google every other page

Set up your own site analytics

Create a strategic site structure that makes sense to site visitors and Google

Do your own keyword research (finally!)

Understand meta descriptions, alt tags, text tags, and more

everything included in the guide—

you'll learn how to—

Do your own SEO audit (and actually understand it)

Design your site for mobile-friendliness and speed

Optimize your images and write better content so you can rank higher on Google than ever before

Create and submit your own site map

Improve your SEO rankings so you can get more free traffic