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How to Write a Sales Page That Actually Converts

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Been struggling to write a sales page that actually results in people, you know, purchasing the damn thing?

Gotta be honest: You're probably not doing it right. And that's okay! You're not a professional. But you don't need to be.

What you do need is a little help from a friend. (Hi. Yeah. It's me. I'm the friend.)

This brand-spankin'-new sales page guide is so much more than a template. It's a full-on guide to understanding the structure of a sales page so you can actually write one confidently. Instead of relying on plug-and-play formulas, you'll finally understand why all those sales pages sound like...that. 

You'll learn why it works (or why it doesn't). And you'll learn how to write it yourself. And sell things. And make money. And celebrate with a glass of champagne. That's what life's all about. 

everything included in the guide—

44 info-packed pages with everything you need to know about writing a sales page that will actually make you money

In-depth explanations of every single section of a standard sales page + some extras I recommend having

A list of everything you need to have before you even start writing your sales page

A comparison of long-form and short-form sales pages and when to use each

A quick reference sales page template for after you've mastered each section

Two pages of extra pro tips to make the most of every single sales page you write

Sales page copywriting checklist

Sales page design and tech checklist

BONUS: Free mini sales page audit when you use the guide to write your sales page!  ($100 value—for free)

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amber lee,
campaign manager for liz snyder for alaska house

“Maggie turned our fundraising around. We hit a lull when the pandemic hit, and we were worried we wouldn't hit our goals. As soon as Maggie came on board, we started blowing those goals out of the water.”

ashli pollard, growth strategist

“I can't believe how much help and info I got from just one hour of your eyes on my business. Like, I'm floored.”

bridget brown, founder of the advisory guild

“I literally feel empowered now, thank you so so much. I had no idea how to do all this stuff and now I feel like I can handle it!”

No? Just Me? okay then...'ve ever realized you need a sales page for your launch but then you realized you have no idea how to write one, so you do some frantic Googling...

...only to find out it's going to be a lot more complicated than you thought, so you download a few freebies and buy a $27 template you found through an Instagram ad...

...only to end up with a so-so sales page and a launch that barely scraped by?

put a finger down if...

Listen, i know writing a sales page isn't easy. 

Well, tell me this: Have you ever considered hiring a professional copywriter (hi!) to write your sales page because you really want to do this launch the right way (aka the profitable way)...

...only to find out that it's a serious chunk of change—like more than you might make in the entire launch anyway... you end up doing it by yourself—again—to the same passable-but-honestly-you-could've-sold-more results?

But it can be done. In fact,  you can do it. Yes, you.

And you don't need to be a professional who's been writing sales copy for years to do it. 

All you need is a little guidance.

Sales pages
aren't no-brainers. This guide, however, is.

Sales pages aren't no-brainers. This guide, however, is.

ready to put in some serious work to make serious money?

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“should i just buy a cheaper template?”

More basic templates certainly have their uses. If you're on the fence about whether you should buy a more standard template or a strategic, instructional guide...

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