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Spoiler alert: The best copywriters don't just make this stuff up as they go. Because copy that actually sells isn't a mistake.

It was designed that way. It was assembled that way.

One of the most important things you need for good copy is the voice of your customers woven throughout.

They'll tell you everything you need to know.

And now I'm going to tell you how to ask them.

This guide contains my secrets to writing profitable copy that actually sounds like you've peered right into your customers' heads... because, well, you kind of have.

Customer Survey
Swipe Copy

Over 30 powerful, thought-provoking questions I use for all of my copywriting research

A quick-start guide so you know when and how to start interviewing your customers

A mini-guide on how to use your newfound research skills to write your most profitable copy yet

My best tips I've found that turn this process from run-of-the-mill research to copywriting gold

what's inside—

what my clients have said about me

amber lee,
campaign manager for liz snyder for alaska house

“Maggie turned our fundraising around. We hit a lull when the pandemic hit, and we were worried we wouldn't hit our goals. As soon as Maggie came on board, we started blowing those goals out of the water.”

ashli pollard, growth strategist

“I can't believe how much help and info I got from just one hour of your eyes on my business. Like, I'm floored.”

bridget brown, founder of the advisory guild

“I literally feel empowered now, thank you so so much. I had no idea how to do all this stuff and now I feel like I can handle it!”