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“She's reliable, enormously talented, hilarious, and I would work with her again in a second.”

amber lee
campaign strategist

“Maggie, you were a total dream to work with.”

emily weltman
founder of collective flow consulting

"I thought I had my website NAILED and using all the tips you gave me, this new website is LIFETIMES BETTER and makes so much more sense! "

ashli pollard
Growth strategist

“Maggie is smart, funny, and well-versed in all things conversion copywriting. Hire her today, you won’t regret it!”

bridget brown
founder of the advisory guild and filbert

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for female founders like you.

Hi, I’m Maggie.

I work with women-led businesses who are serious about growth.

If you're ready to create (and actually execute on!) an elevated brand and marketing plan, I'm your girl.

I’ve worked in corporate and agency settings and I’ve been doing digital marketing for 10 years. Now I offer done-with-you and done-for-you copywriting and strategy services to clients who are doing cool shit all over the world.

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